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   Snow Removal                       

    "MORGNIEUX"  light snow plough:
    This snow blade 130 cm working width is especially qualified for small tractors
12 hp up to 20 hp.  A manual sideways adjustment is standard.
    Mounting device when the tractor has got no front lift system.
    Hydraulic sideways adjustment.
    20 cm two-sided extension of working width.
    Rubber strip kit.
    Additional light.



    Snow Plough Up To 200 cm Working Width:
    These heavy snow blades with safety turn down device are for professional
    The assemblage is on tractor front lift system Cat. 0, Cat.1N or Cat. 1.
    Working widths:
    120 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm in a straight position. 

    Mounting device when your tractor has got no front lift system.
    Hydraulic sidways adjustment.
    Coupling triangle.
    Rubber strip kit.
    Additional light.


    "MORGNIEUX" centrifugal spreader with steel, optional with synthetic funnel
    can be used for spreding sand, salt or grit.
    Valume of funnels: 150 litres, 250 litres and 350 litres.
    The mounting of spreader is on compact tractor rear lift system Cat. 1, the drive
    by rear power take off 540 rpm. 



In this PDF file you find all technical information about machines for
snow removal


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